Technology Titans In Partnership With Car Rental Agencies For The Management Of Their Newly Invented Self-driving Vehicles

The rental car company will provide storage and maintenance services for the Phoenix-based fleet of cars. It seems the technology titans behind the development of self-driving vehicles have decided to play nice with traditional car rental agencies such as Avis Budget Group and  CarRental . In a move that signals what may be the beginning of a lucrative partnership, Avis Budget Group Inc . has agreed to manage 600 self-driving Chrysler minivans for Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo autonomous technology division, The Detroit News reported. Yet another similar deal between Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and Apple Inc., was also recently reported by various media outlets. The terms of that deal involve Hertz leasing six Lexus sport-utility vehicles to Apple Inc., which will convert them to self-driving cars in order to test its technology. The two deals represent positive news for a car rental industry that could very well be left in the dust by the creation and mass production of self-drivi